Baby Proofing a Pool

Every summer season, spending time in the water sounds just about the right thing to do. For some of us, the pool is the most accessible place that we can indulge ourselves with this pleasure. But more than us, our kids are probably the most excited when it is that time of the year. In fact, perhaps not only just a season does the pool look like a great place to have fun in. We can never really tell what goes on in playful little minds. This tells us, thus, the need of baby proofing a pool.

baby proofing a pool

Swimming pools are supposed to be just a place for fun and relaxation. They should not bring about some worries, especially as we are raising babies. We have a lot that our parental minds need to go through every day. We need to at least save ourselves our sanity by crashing out bullets one by one. And great bullets we want to crash out are swimming pools, especially those in our homes.

Since your child and the swimming pool can be a deadly mix, use the following baby proofing pool essentials:

(1) pool safety fence

(2) pool safety cover

(3) pool safety net

(4) pool alarm

Instead of completely depriving your baby of the refreshing dip on a sizzling summer day, these precautions will protect your baby from getting into the pool without your supervision.

It is estimated that approximately 800 children die from drowning every year in the United States. This is particularly tragic, especially that 80% of those who died are children younger than five. These numbers are definitely chilling, yet such accidents can be prevented with a few simple steps.

Surround your Pool with a Safety Fence

A safety pool fence separates your pool from the other areas of your house. It totally seals all openings that can lead your baby to the pool. It is just akin to a baby gate where your baby is given no access to anything that may pose a serious risk. Choosing the best safety pool fence is not as complicated as you think. Selecting the right one for your home is made easier as the following features to look for a safety pool fence is provided below.

  • Strength: Safe pool fences are made from various materials- from wooden to vinyl. Depending on which suits your home, any of these materials will do. If you like the look of a wooden fence around your home or you like a material that is easier to maintain, the decision is up to you. In some homes, parents prefer iron pool fences because of its durability, while in others, removable mesh fencing is practiced because it is considered the safest pool fence option.
  • Cost: The price of the fence may vary depending on the quality and brand of the fence. Depending on the number of gates required for the fence and the installation fee, the price may go up.
  • Design: Whether you prefer a mesh pool fence or a glass pool fence, make sure that the fence is elevated enough to prevent your baby from jumping over it. The rule of thumb is that no matter which design, the fence should be able to enclose your pool area.
  • Color: For parents who are inclined to color blending, consider a pool fence that allows you to paint the color of your choice. Your safety pool fence must blend with the pool surroundings.
  • Installation Method: If you want to cut down the cost of installation, select a safety pool fence that requires self-installation. However, this one can be a tedious task and requires expertise. Among other things, you have to ensure that you get the right measurements for the holes. While self-installed safety pool fences can be an advantage, it is still recommended to hire a professional installer with adequate experience.
  • Removability: When you choose permanent pool fencing, the fence will be there for good. Meaning, there is no need to take it down if you need more space and put it back up again. But, your child will grow, and a permanent pool fence may not be of use in a few years.

Begin safety pool fencing by using these leading fences in the market today that will add safety to your facility:

GLI Pool Products GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

This vinyl pool fence is ideal for an above-ground facility. It has 8 sections that will completely enclose your pool. Moreover, GLI Pool Products GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit comes with fencing pieces, posts, hardware, and instructions. The height of the fence is 24 inches, enough to keep your baby from entering the pool. What more, it has ultraviolet protection that allows you to leave it under the hot sun without getting damaged or discolored. With all the mounting brackets, this fence is maintenance-free and backed with a five years warranty.

Water Warden 4 Feet Pool Safety Fence

baby proofing a pool

Water Warden 4 Feet Pool Safety Fence is an innovative safety fence that eliminates all forms of pool accidents, especially during the summer. When installed, it completely seals your pool with its super sturdy woven mesh. Around 5/8 inches, holes are only required, while the installation process will not add to the expenses. This fence measures 4 feet high by 12 feet by 5 feet fence and comes pre-assembled. You can install this fence yourself, and you can also remove it when you do not need its protection. 

Giantex 4 Feet x 12 Feet In-Ground Swimming Pool Fence Child Barrier Pool Safety Mesh Fence Section

This one is ideal for in-ground swimming pools. While it is counted to be one of the lightest swimming pool fences available on the market, this fence is made of a durable aluminum food tube. Despite its lightness, it is still a sturdy model that you can use in baby proofing pool. This fence measures 4 feet high, and every section is 12 feet long. It can easily be installed, removed, and reinstalled, which makes it a convenient fence at home. When it comes to baby access, this fence has a climb-resistant feature surface that will not allow your baby to climb over the fence.

Cover the Pool with a Safety Pool Cover

For extra safety, in addition to the safety pool fence, use a safety pool cover. Pool covers are known to protect your pool from potential debris and cold weather. However, it is now used to reduce the risk of accidental drowning, thus the creation of safety pool covers. Unlike the other pool covers, a safety pool cover is specifically designed to protect babies as well as pets from accidental drowning. Available in mesh and solid vinyl materials, safety pool covers come with straps, springs, and anchors that are secured in the pool deck. Whether you are a new parent, a household help, and anything in between, consider these factors when selecting a safety pool cover.

Material: Decide which material you will want the safety cover to be made of- mesh, solid, or hybrid. For a long time, parents only have two choices, mesh and solid. But some of the good features of mesh and solid cover are combined to create a hybrid safety cover. 

Mesh safety covers are designed to prevent water from collecting on top of the cover. Some are UV protected, while others are designed to block 99 percent of sunlight. 

Solid safety covers are basically a barrier between your pool and the sun or rain. It blocks all of the sunlight, protecting you and your family from ultraviolet rays. What makes this safety cover preferable than the mesh safety cover is its pool cover pump. This pump is placed on top of the cover and gets rid of the collected water.

If you want the desirable benefits of both a mesh cover and a solid pool cover wrapped into one, use the hybrid safety cover. It blocks most of the UV light while keeping out all the potential debris.

Type of Pool: Another important consideration when selecting a safety pool cover is the type of pool, in-ground pool, or above-ground pool. An in-ground pool will require anchors in fastening the cover by the poolside while an above-ground pool will require winches in fastening the cover. In addition, the size, shape, and elevation levels of the pool should also be considered. 

Warranty: Some safety pool covers are sold in the market at a very affordable price. However, not all promises a product that can withstand wear and tear and can be used for a long time. If you purchase a cheap safety pool cover, it will also have a poor warranty. But, if you choose quality over quantity, a good quality pool cover may come at a price but with a long warranty period.

If you are worried that your baby will find his way past a fence, cover your pool with any of these top-rated safety pool covers: 

Yard Guard’s 18-foot by 36-foot green mesh safety cover

This safety cover is made for in-ground pools. It comes with a triple nylon stitching strap, which is responsible for its 2800 pounds of webbing strength. Yard Guard’s 18-foot by 36-foot green mesh safety cover is one of the strongest safety mesh covers in the market.

Yard Guard’s 16-foot by 32-foot blue mesh safety cover

This one is made in the USA and comes with a 15-year warranty. Parents like to use this because of its 22-inch rub strips and strong straps and anchors.

Put a Safety Net around your Pool

A safety net is just like a safety pool cover that is installed around the edges of the pool, only that this is made from netting. Though it cannot guarantee to filter leaves and debris out of the pool, it can prevent your baby from falling in the pool. Baby proofing pool with a safety net begins by knowing these features:

  • It can keep your baby out of danger: Do not just buy a safety net without making sure that the mesh size is small enough to stop your baby’s head from penetrating the net.
  • It will not shrink: Choose the safety net that has maximum UV inhibitors so that the netting will not shrink even when under extreme weather conditions. 

Install a Pool Alarm

A lot of people would argue that the best baby proofing pool technique is parental guidance and vigilance. While this is true on many levels, there are days when you are not around to ensure that your little one stays safe. To resolve this problem, a pool alarm will not let your baby get into the pool without you knowing. Not only is a pool alarm vital for your baby’s safety, but it will also secure your pool and home from potential intruders. In short, the best pool alarms will give you peace of mind. 

Since there are a variety of pool alarms, consider these features when choosing the best one.

  • Placement: Consider the placement of the pool alarm. If you want it to be placed at the gate, you will be alerted before your baby enters the pool area. This is a good placement since the alert is given before your baby falls into the pool instead of after. Those pool alarms that alert you after your baby has fallen in are costly and sometimes cause some false alarms. 
  • Cost: Most gate alarms are not that expensive, so if you are on a budget, consider getting one. But remember that to ensure complete safety, you have to consider all options and, as much as possible, install a variety of pool alarms.
  • Technology: Technology is an important factor that defines the quality of the alarm sensor. Depending on the type of technology that you would like to have, choose the pool alarm with the most advanced technology. The rule of thumb is that the better the technology, the more control you will have over the alarm sensor.

Depending on the type of pool, budget, and technical requirements, here are the best pool alarms that will make your swimming pool a safer place:

Pool Patrol

It comes with a floating pool alarm system that activates when your baby falls into the pool. The sensor can be located within 200 inches away from the alarm. Once you turn the alarm on, it will react to waves, and there is an adjustment option. Overall, pool patrol can be used in all kinds of swimming pools.

Lifebuoy Pool Alarm

This device comes with an app for your phone to control the motion sensor. The motion sensor floats on the water and sounds the alarm when your baby enters the pool. After 10 minutes of no movement, the float turns back on. There is also a second alarm that sounds inside of your house. 


Unlike the previous pool alarms, this one is created to alert you if there is an extra dangerous electric current in the pool. It is battery operated and can also work in saltwater. 


This easy to install pool alarm is mounted to the side of the pool. It can work in either an in-ground pool or above-ground pool. The alarm system alerts you when anything larger than 18 pounds gets inside the pool.

No matter which of these pool alarms suits your needs, set the alarm system into “chime mode.” You will be alerted when your baby tries to get out of the perimeter door when the pool alarm makes a chime sound. If you do not know whether or not this feature is contained in your pool alarm system, call your alarm company.

Even when you do not have a baby at home, your visitors may bring along their babies, and your neighbor’s babies may find their way into your pool. Play it safe by following this baby proofing pool guide.

Related Questions:

What are the legal requirements for legal fencing? 

All bodies of water over 300 mm in depth that are used for human aquatic activity are required to be fenced. However, the requirements will differ from state to state, as well as based on the type of pool property and age of the pool. Contact your local council to get the correct list of these requirements.

Why are children younger than five years old at such a high risk of drowning?

They are at such a high risk of drowning because they do not have a sense of safety during these ages. They do not understand the dangers that water presents to them and just continue to explore their mobility. Even when there are barriers to keep them away from the water, they will find their way to climb over those barriers. With their lack of balance, it is easy for them to fall into the water and drown. That is why it is important for parents to understand that babies who fall in this age category need the maximum level of supervision and protection.

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