Baby Proofing Essentials; Everything You Need

Babies are delicate beings. Newborn, immobile infants are blank slates that need our care and attention around the clock. However, beyond that stage, our home will start acting as a playground for our growing babies. At this point, they like using their senses and newfound skills to survey around the house. Nonetheless, babies, mobile or not, are similarly delicate. This is why we need to learn about baby-proofing essentials for both their safety and our relief.

To help you with this essential task of baby proofing your house, we have listed here six categories for you to look into: 

  • First is the area restrictions that include different baby gates for different parts of the house. These include stairs, doorways, and railings.
  • Second are the door and window closers, including locks, knob covers, and stoppers. 
  • Then, the third category discusses protectors for plugs, outlets, and electric cords.
  • Fourth, furniture and appliance baby proofing essentials such as straps and brackets and corner covers. Highchairs are also under this category as baby furniture.
  • Next are bathroom tools, including anti-slip mat, water spout cover, and toilet seat lock.
  • Lastly, the miscellaneous category list includes the foam floor mat and video baby monitor.

The thing about baby proofing is that the amount of information available online can be overwhelming. So, here are the basics for our compliance as we wait for our babies. Some of these can be obtained later on as our babies keep growing.

Area Restrictions

Safety Gate

For the stairs


Obviously, the stairs are a falling hazard, not only babies but also us. Babies especially like climbing up and down the stairs if given the opportunity. This is why, most households with babies have baby gates on top and at the bottom of the stairs.

For the doorway

Baby gates for doorways look similar to those for the stairs. However, as stair gates are for keeping babies from falling, door gates are for keeping them from certain house parts. For instance, we should place baby gates at the kitchen doorway because of the hot and sharp hazards in there.

Room divider

Sometimes, the lot of baby proofing essentials on our list becomes overwhelming. To compromise, instead of checking our stuff one by one, many parents just provide restrictions for the baby. Free-standing baby gates are used for this to divide the room, containing babies in a space off from hazardous items. For example, we can keep our babies off from the fireplace or tall, thin furniture and appliances.

For railings

Railings can be found on our stairs or in our balconies and often present the chance for babies to squeeze through, risking a fall. To prevent this, we should install a rail net.

For the pool

Obviously, pools are too big a mass of water that drowning will be a nightmare. So, in case we have pools at home, we should install a fence around it.

Also, in case the fence will not be enough, pool guard alarms are available for maximum safety. They function by alarming us when our children get into the pool or open the pool gate.

Door (and Window) Closers

Safety Lock and Latch


Any type of door is a good source of entertainment for babies. And little do they know that they may be hurt when their fingers get pinched. And since we cannot guarantee that we can prevent its possibility, door locks are among our baby proofing essentials.

Many styles and designs for safety locks are available in stores for a variety of functions. These functions include the specific objects that they will be used for. Not only are they used for actual house doors, but also for cabinets, drawers, windows, and even ovens.

In addition, installing cabinet locks is useful when we want to hide things like medicine and kitchen utensils. Cabinets are a baby proofing essential that will keep those little hands off dangerous items even if they’re tall enough to reach the knobs.

Door Knob Safety Covers

The previous item for our baby proofing essentials suggests locking doors from the outside for our babies’ safety. However, they are sometimes only convenient for doors that we, adults, will not use often. Therefore, as a compromise, doorknob covers are made to keep our knobs inaccessible for babies. This, while still keeping the knobs easily accessible for us. Stove knob covers are also available for a similar function.

Door Stopper

As mentioned above, doors pose a finger pinching hazard to our babies. And as we cannot keep all doors locked all the time, door stoppers are there to hold doors open or closed. Therefore, there will be a guarantee that doors will not suddenly close while our babies are playing with them.

Aside from usual door stoppers, there are other products available to keep your baby from geting hurt by doors. The idea is to prevent doors from entirely closing, protecting our baby’s tiny fingers.

Window Guard

Babies can easily stick their heads out of windows, and risk may dangers. You should always secure window guards to prevent accidents. People install window nets to baby proof but nets may not suffice. Specially built window guards are the best baby proofing essential for windows.


Plug and Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets that are scattered around the house might pique the interest of our curious babies. They may insert their fingers or their little toys inside the holes. But this can be avoided by installing easy plug and outlet covers.

Cord Cover

Usually, we can just hide our wires by placing them behind huge furniture. However, in case it cannot be managed, cord covers are great at hiding and securing cords to the wall. These are the same as what can be observed in schools or daycares.

Furniture and Appliances

Furniture and Appliance Straps or Brackets

Big furniture and appliances might look good for climbing for our babies. Along with it, they are at risk of falling over, especially toward our babies. Usually, it is enough to secure them flat on the wall. But for a maximum guarantee, we can use safety straps and brackets to hold our furniture and appliances in place.

Safety Edge Cover

Adults have situations when we bump ourselves on table or furniture corners, and the pain of it is no joke. What more is the pain for our babies who are more vulnerable to bump into corners by themselves? Worse, their head is the body part, which is the most susceptible to bumping because of their height. Therefore, edge covers or corner protectors should be among our baby proofing essentials.

High Chair

High chairs are not uncommon for households with babies. They are the safest for babies and the most convenient for us during meal times. However, should high chairs be unavailable, safety straps for regular chairs may be an alternative. They will keep our babies restrained and prevent them from slipping off the chair. The option is also convenient when we are eating away from home where the highchair is.

Bathroom Baby Proofing Basics

Bathtub Anti-slip Mat


As the name suggests, bathtub anti-slip mats prevent our babies from slipping during bath times. This is considering that the tub gets slippery when it gets soapy. Thus, rubber mats should be placed at the bottom to prevent babies from possibly hurting their heads caused by slipping.

Bathtub Spout Cover

Water spouts are likely the height of our babies when we place them in the tub. Because of this, their head is vulnerable to bumping the spout causing bruises or burns. These can be prevented with bath spout covers, which are made of soft rubber. Plus, they come in fun colors and styles to make bath time more fun.

Toilet Lock

Apparently, the toilet is our nightmare when it comes to germs, finger pinching hazard, and drowning hazard. As our babies may not be aware of those, we might find them innocently playing with it off our watch. So, we should install toilet seat lid-lock to keep our toilet closed.


Floor Foam Mat

Obviously, our hardwood or ceramic tile flooring is not the most comfortable for our babies’ delicate bodies. And it is an area where they play and learn to walk. Thus, we should accommodate our babies by placing foam play mats on our floor. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also protective of babies’ fragile heads in case they fall.

Baby Monitor

This is a bit fancy, but more households consider baby monitors as baby proofing essentials. They function by allowing us to watch and listen to what our babies do inside their rooms. Also, they are made convenient as they are lightweight and easy to transport around the house. Most baby monitors have night vision lens features as well for when we are in our own rooms at night.

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How can we make sure that our baby toys are safe?

While some toys that are produced nowadays are lead-free, other manufacturers still keep lead in their production. This is the cause of sickness and death for a lot of children around the world. To prevent lead-poisoning worries, we can do extensive research on toy manufacturers. Otherwise, we can obtain a lead tester to test our baby toys one by one.

What is the safest mattress for our baby cribs?

Sometimes, the mattress will be a little too small for the crib, which will create gaps on the sides. This is dangerous for sleeping babies such that they may roll into the sides and get themselves stuck. Worse, the scenario may even cause them to suffocate themselves. Therefore, we should purchase the correct mattress for the correct crib. In addition, the material for some mattresses can be. So, we might need to research mattresses made of organic materials like organic cotton.

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