Best Baby Changing Bags

As a parent, there are lots of baby items you’ll need to carry especially when going out with your little one. One such item is a baby changing bag. Choosing the right baby diaper bag can be determined by your preference as there are many options to choose from. We bring you details on the best baby changing bags, and factors you need to focus on when choosing your baby diaper bags.

Baby changing bags are designed to keep feeding bottles, wipes, diapers, feeding bottle(s), and water among others. Here are some of the best baby changing bags you should consider purchasing are:

  • Ruvalin Modern Diaper Bag Backpack
  • Ticent Diaper Bag
  • Iniuniu Diaper Backpack
  • Bamomby Multi-function waterproof Travel Backpack
  • Diaper Bag Backpack, RUVALINO Multifunction
  • HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function
  • KiddyCare Diaper Back Backpack
  • Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Types of Baby Changing Bags

  1. Tote-style: These are simple baby changing bags with straps that may be detached. Their design allows access to your baby’s items
  2. Backpack: They have a similar look as the ordinary hiking bags but are equipped with many pockets and special storage compartments. The design allows you to carry the bag on your back thereby freeing your hands to safely carry your baby
  3. Messenger Bags: These baby changing bags are equipped with a single one strap, and come in diverse designs to fit individual preferences. Its design allows you to carry much heavier baby items.

Best Baby Changing Bags To Buy

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#1 RUVALINO Modern Baby Changing Bags

The RUVALINO baby changing bags are revered for their unique features which offer maximum comfort to its users. These include two large compartments and 16 pockets for putting your baby’s belongings.

Thanks to its lightweight, it weighs just 2.05lbs and made of waterproof material making it highly portable and suitable to use outdoor. It’s a standard size bag measuring 11.8 x 7.9 x 16.5 inches

Another outstanding feature with RUVALINO is its large size. From a distance, you might fail to notice its large storage capacity. However, upon opening, you will realize that the bag is very spacious.

Its two compartments with closures are large enough to accommodate all your baby’s essentials even for twins. It has an insulated bottle that you can use to carry your baby’s milk.

The RUVALINO bag is convertible due to the collapsible metal frame. You can fold to make it a handbag, fit it in a stroller, or still it as a backpack. It’s also unisex, which means you can easily carry it either as a mother or child’s father.

In terms of convenience, RUVALINO has a wide opening, which means you can take out or pack the contents with a lot of ease. In addition, the bag has two zippers to ensure that you don’t lose any items in the bag. The bag also features a comfy handle to ease you in movement over a long distance.

This selection has very many small pockets that are used to store the various baby items in an organized manner.

The pockets are insulated to maintain the temperature of the contents inside the bag. Besides, you can use the extra pockets to store your personal effects such as car keys, mobile phones, and fresheners. You can get it in Amazon Here

#2 Ticent Baby Diaper Bags

Ticent brand is tailored to hold your entire baby’s items due to its unique features. They are unisex baby changing bags, which means ladies and gents can use it without raising eyebrows. A mix of class and elegance, durability and maximum comfort is the right word to describe Ticent multifunction backpack.

Ticent baby changing bag measures 10.6″ x 8.3″ x 16.5 inches and has two large compartments for storing essentials. It features a compartment that is designed for milk and water bottles, complete with insulated totes.

The second part comprises of several pockets which you can use to store towels and other clothing for the baby.

You can also use the extra pockets to keep tablets and books. This large storage capacity is attributed to its ability to its standard on its base.

Ticent has a unisex design with padded straps for maximum comfort. The bag also features a wide opening space for convenience. At the back of the bag, the flap is fitted with a zipper which to ensure that the contents are safe.

The diaper bag is made using long-lasting synthetic cotton. Therefore, you can wipe the bag with a wet piece of cloth, which is the easiest way of cleaning the bag incase water or milk spills. Get it from Amazon Here

#3 –Iniuniu Baby Changing Bag Backpack

The unique design featuring high storage capacity, unisex and ability to convert makes Iniui baby diaper bag an ideal choice.

Inui has two compartments with a spacious storage capacity. In addition, there are 16 small pockets which you can use to store the baby’s items or yours. The compartments and pockets are designed to ensure that you can use to store personal effects such as mobile phones.

One of the most outstanding features with Inui baby changing bag is its design which offers maximum comfort. First, the bag contains padded straps for maximum comfort, even if it is fully loaded.

The bag’s changing pad pocket can be used as a laptop holder making it more fun to carry along.

The modern backpack diaper bag is neutral in color making it a suitable choice for both men and women. That’s not all. It has several storage pockets with zippers for extra protection. You can easily access the inside parts of the bag due to its large entry point.

The backpack is made using long-lasting polyester fabric which is water-resistant. Although the backpack is sturdy, it is still lightweight, weighing just 1.75lbs., which makes it pretty easy to carry. Get it in Amazon Here

#4 Bamomby Multi-function waterproof Travel Backpack

Instead of carrying many bags for your entire baby’s need, you should pack them and carry them in the Bamboy diaper bag. It is sophisticated, durable and classy. This bag weighs just 0.9 kg and measures 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches making it light and convenient to carry.

It’s made using oxford fabric and polyester material which is waterproof. It comes with strong gold zippers to protect the contents inside the bag from getting lost.

Bamomby comes with a set of different pockets for various reasons. First, it has three insulated bottle pockets for keeping baby’s milk, water and any other liquid you might wish to carry.

It has clothes and towel-pocket for keeping your baby’s clothing. Finally, it has an anti-theft slot for keeping valuables such as mobile phones and jewelry.

The back straps are well padded to provide extra comfort even after walking for a long distance. You can buckle up the bag on a stroller for a relaxing outdoor experience with your baby.

Bamomby has a unisex design, both in colors and other features, which makes it useful for both men and women.

One of the unique features of Bamomby is its standard size. From a distance, you might fail to notice the large storage capacity. However, the bag contains two main compartments and an extra 16 pockets which you can put baby’s items.

#5 RUVALINO Multifunction Baby Changing Bag | Diaper Bag Backpack

This new model of RUVALINO is manufactured with end-user in mind. Measuring 17.7″X11X1.6″ and weighing 1.54lbs, it incorporates a streamlined design, high-grade fabric, and large storage capacity to ensure that it gives you optimal benefits.

One of the outstanding features of this baby changing bag is its large storage capacity. It contains two zipper closure compartments and 16 extra pockets that are used to keep clothes, towels and other essentials for the baby.

In addition, there are insulated bottle pockets that you can use to store your baby’s water and bottles.

The zipped compartments, pockets and insulated bottle pockets help in arranging the items in an organized manner. You can also store your car keys, phones, and other items on the mommy pocket in the bag, instead of holding them. The high storage capacity is attributed to its standard

The baby changing bag is made using waterproof, durable and lightweight polyester. Zippers are also fitted on the bag to protect the contents inside the bag.

Besides, seams are also fitted on the bag to support the straps and buckles. This bag is waterproof, making it crucial for people with babies since they soil them frequently.

The shoulder straps are padded to offer maximum comfort even if you carry it for a long-distance while fully packed.

With this diaper bag, you can turn the interior of the bag into a laptop holder, especially if the bag is not fully loaded. You can also convert the bag into a handbag or back due to the collapsible metal frame. It as a provision for hanging on a stroller, especially when you go shopping.

#6 -HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function

HaloVa baby changing bag combines a mastery of creativity, quality, and large storage capacity to give you quality for money.

The bag is made using state-of-the-art technology to accommodate many items. The manufacturers have fitted many pockets to accommodate wipes, clothes, and food. You can also store your mobile phone and other items in one of its topics.

HaloVa is made using high-density and waterproof Oxford fabric which makes it be durable.

This baby changing bag contains aluminum foil pockets for your baby’s milk and water bottles, padded back straps and unisex design, which makes it attractive to carry.

#7 KiddyCare Diaper Back Backpack

If you are looking for a spacious and stylish baby changing up with many storage options, KiddyCare Diaper Back Backpack provides adequate storage, and convenient to us.

 It comes with 15 pockets allowing you to safely keep baby feed, replace diapers, and convenient storage of wet clothes. What’s more, it has insulated pockets for keeping beverages warm or cold when outdoor or traveling.

Apart from its heavy-duty zippers, it has a button allowing you to attach its upper handles enabling you to hang it on a stroller.

#8 Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Sometimes you desire to keep securely store your baby’s essential items while your hands are free. The Nation Diaper Bag Backup allows you to strap it either on a stroller thus freeing your hands.

The baby bag is designed with 14 pockets allowing you to store and access different baby items with ease. For the desired durability, made of tough polyester material, and robust zippers.

It weighs 2.4 pounds with side measurements of 17” X 14” X 7.5” making it easy to carry.

What To Consider When Choosing Baby Bag Changing Bags

Getting the right baby changing bag can be hectic, especially for the first-time mother. Overwhelming demands from the baby and financial constraints make it hard for the mother to choose the right diaper bag.

Whichever type of changing bag you choose, it’s important that

The key factors you need to consider suitable capacity, padded and adjustable straps, bottle holders, compartments, sanitize, and changing pad.

1. Quality of Baby Changing Bag

The quality of a baby changing bag determines its convenience. You would want as a diaper bag with strong straps that do not detach from the bag when overloaded.

 Similarly, the bag should withstand constant pulling and pushing on the floor and car seats, especially by the baby. In this case, you should invest in a bag that you wouldn’t a lot of time and money on repairs.

It is also wise to invest in a bag whose color cannot fade after exposure to dirt and constant washing. In this case, a faux leather bag would be appropriate.

2. Baby Changing Bag-Price

When choosing a baby changing bag, consider is your budget. If you are on a tight budget, consider getting a bag that suits the basic needs. A cheap bag offers limited options, which might end up being expensive in the long run.

 The price might also determine the quality of the bag. Expensive bags are most likely to be of high quality than cheap ones.

3. Portability

Before you choose a baby changing bag, consider how portable it is. A lightweight bag gives you more freedom to cross streets. Figure out an instance where you are forced to catch the flight or cross a busy street with oncoming traffic. If you can’t carry the bag comfortably while holding on to other equipment, then it is not necessary.

4.  Style

When buying a diaper bag, it is advisable to search for its style. Every bag comes with a unique fashion, from the color to material, and even design.

 The style determines the attractiveness of the bag, as well as its importance. You can still rock with a sexy baby changing bag by choosing the right color and materials. However, you should not give priority to style over convenience. 

It would be outright ignorance to choose a baby changing bag that cannot fit the entire baby’s basic requirement while searching for recognition.

5. Material Quality

The material used to make a baby changing bag determines various factors and therefore, should not be overlooked. First, the material determines the quality of the bag as well as its water-resistance ability. For instance, a faux leather bag is durable compared to diaper bags made of very cheaper and low-quality materials.  

Second, the material used determines convenience in terms of cleaning since babies tend to soil the bags frequently.  

Third, the fabric also determines the attractiveness of the bag. If you want to fulfill the three features, a faux leather would be more suitable although it might cost you quite a fortune.  

6. Closures

When looking for a baby changing bag, it is advisable to look at its closure. Closure refers to the features used for keeping the contents inside the bag safe. They come in several forms, including ties, zippers and fold over tops.  

The closure should allow easy access to the bag’s contents. Besides, the closure should not allow the contents to get out of the nag even after vigorous shaking. If you are looking for convenience, get a diaper bag with snap closure.  

On the other hand, if you want to protect the bag contents, a zipper would be more convenient.

7.  Features

When buying baby changing bags, ensure they have the basic accessories. The most basic features to note in the bag include detachable shoulder straps, insulated bottle tote and a sac for storing dirty clothes. The accessories should be durable and easy to use.

8. Version & Durability

 There are different versions of baby bags tote-style, messenger bags, and backpack version which comes with many pockets. It’s important to have different versions that suit you well. High-quality diaper bags are known to be very durable due to their superior materials and robust design.

9. Baby Changing Bag Storage Requirements

If you will be out with your baby for long, you’ll require a spacious baby changing bag that will carry all the necessary items you’ll need. For instance, purchasing a baby changing bag with only one pocket is not a wise decision.

10. Weight of Baby Changing Bag

Some baby-changing backs tend to be very heavy when empty. Having to carry your baby’s essential items in such bags can be torturous. Chose bags that are strong but light.

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