Best Baby Inventions

Babies are adorable little angels. However, raising them is quite a challenge, especially for new moms and dads. Welcoming a new addition to the family means we will have more people to take care of at home. Plus, the new family member will demand the best of care and the whole of our attention. And as parents, we bet on our lives to fulfill our duties, but we have other responsibilities besides the baby. Luckily though, our lives can be made easier with the smartest and the best baby inventions available.

Best Baby Inventions

The best baby inventions are those that address our common concerns while we are tending babies. These concerns include setting them up for a comfortable sleep and soothing them off from discomfort. The products we have for these are electric cradle, pain soother, bouncer, baby monitor, and teethers. Then, we have concerns about bathing and hygiene. Fortunately, they can be dealt with snot sucker, nail trimmer, splash guard, bathtub barrier, and potty trainer products.

Moreover, we have the genius feeding products that are invented for both the babies and our convenience. These include the mesh feeder, milk bottle holder, highchair, breast pump, and baby formula mixer. Additionally, even our transport concerns can now be easily dealt with. We have, for instance, baby carriers and car seats to aid us during inevitable public place exposures and car rides — all these while demanding a little less of our anxious minds and busy limbs.

Time and effort are our best luxury. That is why as much as we can, we ought to grab every opportunity to save them. In the context of taking care of babies, it does not mean that we compromise our quality of care though. It just means that we are making our ways easier and the quality of our care better. While it is good to stick with traditional methods of a baby nursing, there are no losses in trying the new. After all, inventions are only made to accommodate even the most mundane of our concerns.

Sleeping and Soothing Products

Electric Cradle

Traditionally, we place our babies inside cradles or swings that we have to push until the babies sleep constantly. Probably, everyone will agree on how straining that is to our arms and shoulders. Fortunately, we can now swear by electric cradles among the best baby inventions. For one, we have 4moms rockaRoo, which also provides the front to back gliding motion imitating the traditional swing. We can then just leave the baby on it entertained, while we tend with our basket of laundry, for instance.

Pain Relieving Device

Not one baby is safe from the vicinity of the doctor’s office. We have to at least bring our babies in for vaccinations or routine shots, for instance, every flu season. This also means pain for us as we will have to anticipate loud crying noises every time. To address the pain concern but chiefly for the babies, the Buzzy is invented to relieve the shot sting. It vibrates to numb down the pain, provides cooling aid, and comes in a friendly look. The look or the bee appearance should distract the babies, providing us the relief from their cries.

Baby Bouncer

Bouncers and cradles serve similarly by keeping our babies relaxed while we keep ourselves busy with other things. Their motions help our babies get comfortable sleeping, but usually only after we keep pushing or tugging. BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft is a bouncer that is neither electric nor manual. It works by responding to the baby’s movements, imitating the motion of a manual baby bouncer.

Baby Monitor

This one does not help our babies sleep, nor does it help soothe pain and irritation. But this product will help us keep a check on our babies whether they are sleeping or not in the nursery. This, while we are in some parts of the house, busying ourselves with other chores. In fact, there are now baby monitoring cameras like DropCam, which we can connect to our phones or tablets. This makes it very convenient for us as we roam busy around the house.

Teething Toy

Teething gives off a great toll on our babies’ comfort. This is why we need to help them relieve their discomfort. We can give them snacks that are free of choking hazards like rice biscuits or frozen fruit. Otherwise, we can give them a couple of clean and safe teething toys that they can gnaw on. However, the downside for both is that they can drop anytime from the grasp of our little ones.

Because of that, Jomolly came up with a baby teething mitten toy glove. It is designed for babies that are having trouble picking up teething toys. Also, the toy glove has an adjustable fastener strap so that it fits any hand size. Its tip is made of BPA-free silicone, which makes it safe for babies to gnaw on.

Bath and Hygiene Gadgets

Snot Sucker

Perhaps none of us will disagree with how much it sucks to have a clogged nose. We cannot breathe normally, and sometimes, we just wish to vacuum off all the snot and boogers inside. Apparently, the suffering our babies have to take with the clogged nose is a bit harder with their tiny nostrils. Also, they have no other means to express their discomfort other than crying. That is why we need to help them let out their snot and boogers with the help of snot suckers. 

Best Baby Inventions

The FridaBaby NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator, for instance, is a great product to use. With this gadget, we, ourselves, will have to do the sucking. There is no worry about getting the snot into our mouth, though, with the gadgets air-tight filter.

Nail Trimmer

Baby nails regrow in no time after we trim them. This compels us to keep trimming very often to tame sharp little claws. And it never really gets easier to trim baby nails. We have to do the work ever so gently, but baby movements just get bigger and bigger as they grow. Of course, the last thing we want is to hurt them. Luckily though, the best baby inventions include baby nail trimmer to provide us the needed help. For one, the Zo-li Buzz B Baby Nail Trimmer comes with cushioned pads. The pads differ according to the baby’s stage of growth for our convenience.

Splash Guard

Who does not hate it when the soap gets into their eyes? And who does not almost suffocate trying to rinse the soap off their eyes? Apparently, we can be responsible for getting soap in our babies’ eyes as we bathe them. And apparently, rinsing their eyes off will not be as easy as we do it with ours. Therefore, we should prevent the scenario as much as possible using splash guards like Lil Rinser Splash Guard.

Bathtub Barrier

It will not be too long when our babies are grown enough for an infant bathtub. By this time, we can transition from the infant tub to the actual tub. However, the actual tub may still be a bit too big for them. And the bigger the tub, the bigger space for them to play with, and the bigger the danger. Therefore, we have a bathtub barrier, definitely a genius, and among the best baby inventions. We can stay dry on the other side of the barrier while giving our babies that nice bath.

Potty Trainer

Diapers are invented so that we are saved from the trouble of washing poop-stained clothes. However, even changing and disposing of diapers are a bit of work as well. We have to do them several times a day until our babies are off the diaper period. We would wish our babies to learn to use the toilet soon. Apparently, though, we can make our babies use the toilet the soonest. We can start potty training them even as early as about a year old. 

Several models of potty trainers are available in all colors and designs. But the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is well like the real grown-up toilet. This should encourage little ones with the training, feeling like they are actually big kids using it.

Feeding Gadgets

Mesh Feeding Device

Mesh feeders look almost similar to pacifiers; only the nipples are mesh. Its purpose is for us to feed our babies real food, which they can keep gnawing. It is so to address the concern for choking hazards, making it among the best baby inventions. Also, this device is helpful for teething babies. We can place frozen fruit inside the mesh bag to give our babies some teething relief.

Milk Bottle Holder

There always will come a time when babies will have to self-feed. And the first form of self-feeding is by holding their own milk bottles. However, the size of milk bottles might be a little big for the size of their hands. It is actually not uncommon when the bottles fall off their grasps, risking the nipples to germs. This tells us to place holders in the milk bottles, designed so that it will be easier for little hands. The Beebo Baby Bottle Holder is an option to consider.

Breast Pump

The best milk we can offer to babies is breast milk. That is why, as much as possible, mothers skip baby formula and opt for pure breastfeeding. However, the latter would mean that moms should be available to feed the babies anytime. Fortunately, we now have convenient solutions from breast bumps, definitely of the best baby inventions. 

Among the many brands, the Haakaa Breast Pump is one that is of silicone material. It can easily be operated by squeezing the pump and then attaching it to the breast. Then, we can store the milk for later use.

High Chair

Included among the many baby milestones are learning to sit up and to self-feed. When these milestones have already been achieved, then our babies can join in on our adult meals. We will have to take some precautions though, like keeping them in place and on our level. For these, we have a convenient solution brought about by the invention of highchairs. Usually, they are secure with straps to keep our babies from slipping off.

Among the many highchair models, 4moms Magnetized High Chair has unique features. For one, it has no fabric parts, so that cleaning will be easier for us. Also, magnets keep its tray into place, preventing whatever is on it from flying off. In fact, it even comes with a magnetic feeding set that will keep the food secure on the tray.

Baby Formula Mixer

Babies need constant feeding around the clock. This also means that we have to mix baby formula a couple of times a day. What makes it worse is that we even have to do it even when we have just gotten into bed. We cannot just make the formula in advance, though. Most probably, the one in the bottle will soon run out, or the one that waits will spoil. And as much as possible, we only want to serve our babies freshly mixed formula.

Fortunately, there are automatic formula mixers in the present to provide us the much-needed convenience. For one, there is Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. This device can make about 20 eight-ounce bottles at a single push of a button. Also, we can even set the bottle size and temperature to our liking. W should not worry about air bubbles as the device automatically gets rid of these.

Transport Gadgets

Baby Carrier

Babies only get heavier and heavier anytime. Along with this, our arms are also to have a heavier and heavier workout. If only we have kangaroo pouches to place our babies while our arms and hands are free. This idea sparked the invention of our trusty baby carriers in the present. In fact, the idea probably started with the traditional improvised fabric carriers.

Now, we have guaranteed safe and sturdy baby carriers we can use even in busy public places. And designs of it only get better for us. For example, is the Tady Ultra Compact Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag. It is made more convenient so that we do not have to place the diaper in a separate bag. Perfect for when we are out!

Baby Car Seat

Car rides can be a bit bouncy at times; that is why we need to keep our seatbelts on. For babies, of course, they cannot ride alone with just a seatbelt, or else they will fly off the seat. Because of this, the invention of baby car seats had emerged. At present, car seats are considered as a necessity for when we bring our babies for a ride.

Among the many styles and designs, Nuna 2019 Pipa Infant Car Seat & Base excels considerably. For starters, it is very lightweight at eight pounds, one of the lightest among infant car seats. Also, it is super easy to install and is jam-packed with extra safety elements.

Related Questions

Is it safe and effective to keep our babies watching kiddie videos on our gadgets?

Watching videos and having too much screen time is not safe for people of all ages. Chiefly, gluing our eyes too much on gadgets can strain our eyes and cause sleep cycle disruptions. In fact, it can even lead to the development of more health concerns — for instance, the development of addiction, and thus, disruption of brain function development. Therefore, we should keep our babies’ screen time from zero to minimal.

In terms of the effects of kiddie videos, on the other hand, they are not that effective for babies under two. Rather, babies are more likely to develop their brains from live presentations. This tells us, thus, to never substitute our interaction with our babies with gadgets. In fact, the best-proven ways to promote infant development are talking and playing with our babies. We may also sing or read to them despite them barely understanding us. This will form a great foundation for their emotional health, speech, and though.

How can we regulate our babies’ use of gadgets and screen time?

Ideally, screen time should totally be off-limits to kids younger than two years old except perhaps for video chatting. This is according to the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Other than that, for kids that are over two years old, we have to check the quality of their media. Also, we should never allow solo media use and limit the screen time to an hour a day.

We can improve the quality of our kids’ screen time by viewing firsthand the apps that they will use. We should avoid fast-paced videos, tacky apps, violent media, and apps. Also, we should consider primarily the interactive options that will encourage learning. We can even watch or play with them to discuss the material for their education. Other than actual supervision, we can also baby proof our gadgets using built-in features or third party apps.

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