Best Baby Teething Toys For 2020

Ah…babies. So cute, so adorable, so…noisy (when they aren’t happy)! Teething is one of those “noisy” times as your bundle of joy is developing his/her first teeth. To help them get through this period in their life you need to give them a teether.

With so many options available on the market,  how do you choose a teether that’s right for you? It’s all about personality and whatever teether takes your fancy. Yet there are several things you need to consider when buying a teether: safety, the surface of the teether and how easy it is for your baby to hold the teether.

Best Baby Teethers for 2020

Because your baby is going to chew and munch on the teether  (after all, that’s the whole point of teethers!) you want to make sure that the plastic is safe and there are no choking hazards. Look for BPA-free plastic (BPA stands for bisphenol A,  which is a chemical compound that can cause health issues with the brain and prostate gland of your baby). Food-safe grade silicone has been approved by the FDA and is appearing in more and more products as an alternative to plastic due to its flexibility. Additionally, silicone is easy to clean and is hypoallergenic. That makes for one happy baby.

You will find that a majority of teethers have a textured surface which aids in relieving the pain and irritation from teething. Parents will place a finger in the mouth of a teething baby to soothe him or her. Rubbing the finger along the gums of your little one will cause the gums to become numb. The textured surface of teethers acts as a substitute for your finger. 

Your baby is growing and developing, amongst other things, motor skills. You don’t want your precious one constantly dropping a teether because it’s difficult to grip or hold. When considering getting a teether, look for one with baby-friendly handles that tiny hands can grip.

Now you are armed with the knowledge of what makes a great teether, here is our list of the best teethers for 2020.

The best baby teethers

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive in any way. There are countless teethers available on the market and we have just collated some of the more popular ones out there. Nor is this list in any recommended order. With all that out of the way, let’s go! 

1. Nuby Teethe-eez Teether

Nuby Teetheeez Teether

If you are wanting a teeter that is going to help soothe and massage the gums of your little one as they start teething, then get yourself a Nuby Teethe-eez Teether. Made from soft silicone, it comes in three different colours: Blue, Green or Pink. This teether is also designed in a way to stimulate the growth of the new teeth. Teething can be uncomfortable for your baby, but the Nuby Teethe-eez Teether will help in reducing the discomfort of your precious baby.

2. RaZ-Berry Teether

This teether from Raz baby comes in a delightful raspberry shape with bumps that help to soothe the gums of your baby.  You can also freeze this teether for that extra comfort. You can have the choice of red or blue and, because it contains 100% silicone, you know your baby is safe when he or she puts this teether in their mouth.

3. Sophie la Girafe Teether 

Wanting to get your baby their first pet?  Why not make it a giraffe? Since 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has been delighting and offering relief to babies who are growing their first teeth. Made from 100% rubber makes it great for chewing on and it’s long legs and neck can reach into the back of your baby’s mouth. 

4. Chewbeads Christopher Teething Necklace

As a necklace, you can wear this teether as a fashion accessory without it looking out of place. The tiny beads help your baby develop their hand-eye coordination and it contains a clasp that can easily break away during those times when your baby feels extra strong! The necklace can be easily washed with soap and water. Being made from 100% silicone means you know your wee bundle of joy is going to be safe. 

5. Fisher-Price Coffee Cup Teether

For all the coffee lovers out there, why not give your young one a coffee cup teether? Yet, it’s more than a teether, it’s a rattle too! Your baby will have fun watching the tiny coloured beads bouncing around inside while the look at themselves in the mirror placed at the bottom of the cup. Sight, sounds and touch makes this a sensory delight for your baby. 

6. Cubby Soft Teething Toy

Cubby Soft Toy Teether

Feel like your baby may be a bit lonely when he or she takes a nap in their crib? Why not give them this adorable bear soft toy which is also a rattle and teether? Three in one? That’s a winner! Made from certified organic cotton with hypoallergenic corn inner allows your baby to safely chew on this toy, soothing away the pain of teething. Oh, and if you aren’t that fond of bears, you can choose a duck, owl, sheep,  fawn and more! 

7. Fun Ice Ring Teether

Fun Ice Ring Teether

You don’t get one teether here.  No, you get TWO! Easy for your baby to hold, they will be shoving it in their mouths before you know it. You can provide your tiny one with extra comfort by refrigerating or freezing the Fun Ice Ring. The textured surface adds additional relief to your teething baby. 

8. Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew

Inspired by two mothers who always saw tethers dropped or dirty, the neckerchew was born. With the teether attached and with the neckerchew being fully reversible you are getting versatility while your little one makes a fashion statement! Plus, with two size adjustments, you can be confident this is going to fit your baby.

9. ​​HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle & Clutching Toy

Want a rattle and teether that has been rigorously tested (HABA tests for saliva and sweet proofing as well as running impact tests)? You can be sure that this toy is going to last the distance. Made from wood and with rainbow coloured beads multi-layered in lacquers you are going to have a teether and rattle that is going to last for years! 

10. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Baby teething toys

Comotomo’s teether may look like an unusual design but there’s a reason for that. The four extensions are like baby fingers (babies seem to love nibbling their fingers) and with a ring that is easy to grab, your baby will have fun chewing on this teether. If you aren’t a fan of blue, you can get one in orange! And, being made from 100% silicone, you know your baby is safe. 

11. Little Toader Appe TEETHERS Teething Toys

Want a teether for your little one that looks yummy? Then this waffle is a sure winner (but if waffles aren’t your favourite food, there are other options to choose from). Little Toader’s teethers get their colour from pigments that are FDA-approved. So you have a combination of yummy-ness and safety that makes this a winner. Oh, and it actually feels like a real waffle…clever, huh?

12. ​​Twist Teether

For those more environmentally-minded, Green Toys makes its products from 100% recycled material. No nasty stuff that can harm your precious bundle of joy.  Each charm on this teether is unique texture making it a tactile delight as your baby shakes, rattles and chews! 

13. Ike & Leo Teething Toys

Offering products that they “would use in their own home” you can have the assurance that Ike & Leo have you covered. This lightweight teether with bright colours is sure to delight your young one while offering comfort though their time if teething. Handwash or dishwash them when they get grubby (the toys that is, not your babies!) and your good to go for another round.

14. Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt

Baby teething toys

Is your baby always shoving his/her hands in the mouth? Put a glove on it! Made from food-grade silicone and attractive patterns means that this mitt is going to be massaging and soothing your babies gums while offering a visual sensation. 

15. green sprouts Fruit Cooling Teether

Do you want your precious one to grow up being used to fruit and veggies? Then “green sprouts” has you covered! With a variety of teethers such as strawberry, banana, grape shaped as well as broccoli. The teether is BPA and PVC-free so you know your baby isn’t going to be harmed while he/she chews and goos. Chill it in the refrigerator to provide your wee treasure with some extra relief. You can buy the teethers individually, in a two-pack or if you want to, you can grab a pack of three!

16. Boppy Teething Scarf

Always find your baby wanting to suck on the collar of your shirt? Time to cover up with a scarf that will enhance your outfit while giving your baby something to chew on to alleviate the discomfort of teething. When it’s time to wash the scarf, it’s as easy as putting it in the washing machine. It’s available in four colours, so you can decide which one is going to be the most fashionable for you.

17. ​​Baby Banana – Yellow Banana Toothbrush, Training Teether Tooth Brush

Baby teething toys

Bananas seem to be such a versatile fruit and here is no exception. You have teether and a training toothbrush in one…banana! Being made from soft silicone means that your baby isn’t going to harm him or herself and it provides gentle massaging to the gums. Dentists would be proud as your infant learns oral care while soothing teething pain. You can place the banana in the dishwasher when it’s time to give it a clean.

18. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

For those budding scientists, this looks more like an atom than a teether. The intertwined tubing will keep your baby entertained for hours and makes for easy handling. The middle is a rattle to provide even more joy for your little one. Oh, and this being a classic toy amongst parents means you aren’t going to be disappointed if you grab this for your baby. One word of caution though…hand-wash only!

19. Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether

Baby teething toys

You know how hard it is to feed children veggies. Why not start them off young? This carrot-shaped teether has easy-grip handles, a vibrant orange colour and textured surface that gives your teething baby comfort. Made from BPA free silicone means it’s ideal for your cute angel. Time to give your baby some greens (and orange).

20. Mombella Dancing Elephant Soft Silicone Baby Teething Toy & Toothbrush

Maybe your baby is too young to take to the zoo, so why not bring a part of the zoo home? An elephant, in fact! This teether is easy to hold and made from soft silicone making it a pleasure for your baby to use. The textured surface will give your baby a nice massage to remove any teething pain. When it comes to cleaning this toy, you have so many options: dishwasher, steam sterilizer or if you feel like it…handwash. Oh…one more thing: You can cool it in the freezer or refrigerator.

21. BabyNoms Teething Mitten

Baby teething toys

Want a teether that’s purrrfect for your wee one? Babynoms has you covered with this cute teething mitten that looks like a cat paw. With a patented textured surface and a crinkling sound every time your baby chews on it will have your little one licking her paws (oops, chewing his/her mitten) in delight and relief.

22. ZiggyZag Baby Forest Buddies Wooden Baby Teething Toys

Baby teething toys

If you go into the woods today you’ll be in for a…bunch of teething toys! Made from beechwood, these teethers are designed with a variety of smooth and grooved surfaces will allow your baby to munch on these forest animals safely. When it comes time to wash these adorable critters (the toys that is!) you can put them in the dishwasher or use soap and water.

23. Buzzy Bee Teether Toy

Baby teething toys

Yeah, bees can be scary and stingy. This one isn’t so you know your baby is going to be fine as he or she munches on this teether. Made to be comfortably held your baby will goo and buzz with joy as the different angles and textures soothe away the discomfort. Buzz off, teething pain!

24. Mini Tudou Building Blocks Teethers

Baby teething toys

Who would have thought…take a baby block and turn it into a teether! Well, Mini Tudou did. Coming in a set of 12 blocks, your baby can learn while teething! That’s a double whammy there, folks! Each block is soft and chewable and is embossed with an animal, shape, fruit, number, and patterns. Such an educational experience for your precious one. But it doesn’t stop there, no, no, no! Every block can interlock with each other and are stackable. Now your baby is developing his/her sense of touch and vision as well as building motor skills. Brilliant, right?

25. Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether

Baby teething toys

Calling all gamers out there! Here is a teether that looks like a game controller. Talk about starting your child off young! Testing all their teethers in the lab means that you are going to have a product from Bumkins that is safe and will definitely alleviate the aches, itches and pain of teething. Cleaning is a breeze…just place it in some boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher. Soon it will be “Game Over” to your teething woes.

26. Tulamama Racoon Teether

Baby teething toys

Look at this guy! How can you resist something so cute? Compliant with the FDA, CPSC, California Prop 65 as well as Canadian Australian and European authorities means that this creature is safe for your baby. And if racoons aren’t that adorable to you, you can choose the fox, rabbit or bear teether.

27. GotechoD Baby Rattle and Teether Set

Baby teething toys

Let your baby have a hoot of a time with this set. Talk about variety and choices. Your baby will be teething and rattling his or her little heart out. With so many colours and things to grab makes this a sensory delight. When it comes to clean up time, just wash the toys with water (up to 80℃) and put them inside the owl.

28. Training Massaging Cactus Toy Teether Toothbrush

Time to head to the wild west. This cactus isn’t going to prick your baby, but it will ease the pain of teething while training your baby on how to brush his or her teeth (when they come!). The one-piece design prevents dirt build-up and when it is time to clean the cactus, you can either put it in your dishwasher, clean by boiling, put it in the microwave or electronic sterilization.

29. Baby Dinosaur Training Massaging Teething Toy

Baby teething toys

Who loves dinosaurs? Grab this cute guy for your precious one while he/she goes through his/her teething stage. The textured back surface helps with the eruption of the new teeth. This teether is also flexible, so your baby can chew, chomp, bend and twist it. Talk about virtually indestructible!

30. Fisher-Price Pizza Slice Teether

Baby teething toys

Time for pizza! This teether is soft and crinkly so your baby will be developing their senses of touch and hearing while relieving the teething pain. The crust isn’t filled with double cheese, it is made from BPA-free silicone. That makes for one healthy slice of pizza.

Make sure you do your research 

A lot of the teethers in this list have been tried and trusted by parents for a long time. Some, like Sophie la Girafe, are even considered classics. However, like anything make sure you do your homework. Read what the teethers actually contain. remember that more and more baby products are being made from food-safe silicone. 

Also, in some of the reviews, you may find that some products are from China, which causes some concerns with parents. Be sure that the teether you purchase meets the health and safety standards of your country. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer and ask them.

Though reviews can be subjective, it always pays to go through them and have a read to see additional pluses or minuses regarding the product. Not all manufacturers will highlight the negatives of their product.

It may seem like a lot of work to read and research, but it’s your baby and we know you want the best for him/her. 

Happy shopping! 

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