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Toys make good baby gifts. Choosing the right toys for babies is crucial since it affects their mental and physical development. Toys not only encourage creativity but also increase a baby’s keen focus on tiny details. Are you looking for a toy for your little angel as a play gift? We bring you the top best baby toys complete with a guide on factors to you need to consider when purchasing toys for the newborns.

best baby toys 2019-Baby playing with toy

Selecting a suitable gift for your little one can be time-consuming. This is because of the diverse ranges of baby toys. Here is a list of 15 best baby toys of 2019:

  1. Smart toys-Spout Channel Cubby
  2. Teethers-Fat Brains Toys Ringlets
  3. Manhattan Toy
  4. Baby Baby Mirror Toy- Infantino Discovery & Play activity Mirror
  5. Best Baby Art Cards Gifts | Wee Art Gallery for Baby
  6. Haba’s Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game
  7. Play mat-The Play Gym by Lovevery
  8. SwaddleMe Mommies Melodies
  9. Learning Walkers | Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
  10. Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes Toy
  11. Vtech Click & Count Remote
  12. Crawlers toys-Skip Hop Follow-Bee
  13. Bright Starts Oball Classic
  14. Bathing toys –Muchkin White Hot Duck
  15. Best Baby Push toys-Alligator Push Toy

Before making a decision on which type of toy to purchase for your baby, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How safe is it?
  • Will it physically engage your child?
  • Can your baby play with it with ease?
  • Is the cost right for the value your child will get?
  • Do you think your baby will love it?
  • Does it suit your child’s age?
  • Will your baby grow with it?
  • Is it durable enough?

We shall elaborate on some of the above factors later on in this article.

15 Best Baby Toys of 2019

best newborn toys 2019-babies playing

1. Smart toys-Spout Channel Cubby

Technological advancements are inevitable, and therefore, you should give your baby a taste of the same. Mobile manufacturers have improvised intelligent gadgets for babies installed with the latest games, melodies, and other creative apps for babies.

These smart toys resemble a smartphone in almost all aspects, and therefore, are a reprieve to parents who fight for the ownership of phones with their babies.

Smart toys are ideal for babies above 1-year-old. Sprout Channel Cubby is one of such smart toys. It has several games, melodies, and other creative apps installed. Measuring seven inches long, and covered protected with rubber bumps on the sides, it is the ideal smart toy for your baby. Buy it on Amazon

2. Teethers-Fat Brains Toys Ringlets

They are unique silicone materials used to massage a baby’s gum during the teething stage. Some of the baby teethers are fitted with a special gel that heals swollen or sensitive gums.

It is the most hygienic way to massage a baby’s gum since it protects the baby against infections, which might result from putting dirty fingers in the mouth.

One of the best teethers for babies is the Fat Brains Toys Ringlets. It is made using soft but sturdy food-grade silicone. Buy on Amazon

3. Best Baby gift 2019-Stacking blocks | Manhattan Toy

Stacking blocks is one of the most effective methods to help your baby to grow mentally. The stacking blocks are designed uniquely with each unit colored differently and with a unique shape.

Stacking blocks keep the baby active and also improves their creativity. For instance, the Manhattan Toy Dr. Seuss One Fish Blocks helps the baby to be tidy. The blocks stack together, making it easy to clean the playing ground. Buy it on Amazon

4. Baby Baby Mirror Toy- Infantino Discovery & Play activity Mirror

At the age of one year, babies find it fun to stare at their images in the mirror while playing.

Allowing children to play under close supervision in front of the mirror can be thrilling. It is advisable to go for a mirror that does not break easily to minimize the risk of injuries.

Infantino Discovery And Play Activity Mirror are one of the best toys to cheer babies during playtime. Find it in Amazon

5. Best Baby Art Cards Gifts | Wee Art Gallery for Baby

Art cards are essential in improving the eyesight of babies. The cards are painted using simple patterns and white-black patterns for the infant brain of babies.

 The cards help the baby to understand patterns as they grow. One such card is the Wee Art Gallery for Baby. The unique symmetry in it makes it easy for babies to concentrate more and disturb less.

 The Art Cards is, therefore, no doubt one of the best baby toys of 2019. Check it out on Amazon.

6. Best Baby Toy 2019-Haba’s Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game

Pegging games are some of the best toys for babies. It involves filling silicone pegs in a plastic board. The pegs are colored differently to keep the baby more interested in the game.

 The pegs are also made of different shapes. Therefore, the baby can find the right color and shape for each hole. This not only improves their sight but concentration too. The Haba’s Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game is one of such toys.

It is made using a combination of silicone pegs and cones and a plastic board. The baby fixes the silicone pegs in the board and then adds the cones on top to form a magnificent pattern. Playing with these toys is also considered as one of the best ways to improve the baby’s memory.

7. Best Baby Play mat-The Play Gym by Lovevery

The mat is mainly used to bring comfort to the baby during playtime. The mat is fitted with various features to make the playing more fun. The mat promotes the baby’s sense of touch and sight.

The Play Gym by Lovevery is an excellent example of such mats. It is fitted with flaps to ensure that the baby can see all their other toys when playing. Besides, it is made of soft fabric for maximum comfort.  Buy it on Amazon

8. Best Baby Toys 2019-SwaddleMe Mommies Melodies

Dolls are adorable, not just to adults, but babies as well. They soothe the baby and give them the company during playtime. The fabric used for baby dolls is soft to stimulate the need for touch.

Dolls are also considered good companions in sleep. However, ensure that the baby is big enough so that they don’t choke o them during sleep.

SwaddleMe Mommies Melodies Soother is one of the most amazing dolls to get for your baby, and one of the best baby toys of 2019. It is made of soft fabric that resembles a lamb’s fur. Some are improvised with a soft tone, making it one of the best lullabies for eh young ones. Find it on Amazon

9. Best Baby Learning Walkers | Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

 The learning walker is a toy used to adventurous babies in their quest for movement. Babies cling to the learning walker and make tiny steps, which consequently improves strengthens their muscles.

 Some of these walkers are fitted with silicone rubbers to aid in bouncing. This makes every step adventurous and fun. The walker also helps the baby to learn how to stand on their own easily.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is one of the most exceptional learning walkers for babies. The unisex design makes it convenient for parents and babies. The silicone material makes the learning walker durable and reliable. Check more details and get it on Amazon

10.Best Baby Music Toys 2019-Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes Toy

Music is one of the most relieving contents to feed the brain. Even for babies, a soft melody cheers them up and also boosts their sense of hearing. Some music toys are also fitted with bright lights to cheer the babies more.

One of such music toys that qualify as the best baby toys of 2019 is the Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes Music Toy. The baby can choose from the ten tunes.

When the toy is turned on, it plays the melodies accompanied by bright lights. Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes Music Toy is also lightweight, making it portable even for young babies. With over twelve thousand reviews, this is no doubt one of the best musical toys you can consider for your baby. Find it on Amazon

11. Best Baby Toys-Vtech Click & Count Remote

The count remote is a device similar to a TV, only that it does not air real news. Instead, it is programmed with melodies, sound effects, and toddlers’ music. For instance, the VTech Click and Count Remote is a digital smart device programmed with mock TV programs.

The baby can browse through several channels, including songs, poems, and news channels. This promotes the mental development of babies. This is considered the most effective way to introduce the baby to early childhood education.

It allows the baby to interact with the sounds and sound effects, which helps them to develop their speech faster. A light and interesting baby toy you can consider for your young one. Get it on Amazon

12.Best Baby Push toys-Alligator Push Toy

The Push-toys are some of the most interactive partners for babies. The push toys come in different designs and materials, and parents can choose from a wide range. Once the baby has learned how to walk, you can get them a push toy to keep them busy.

Melissa& Doug Chomp& Clack Alligator Push Toy is one of the most common push toys in the market and among the best baby toys of 2019. It is fitted with bright colors and designs on the wheels. The design includes unique beads to make it more attractive.

This best baby push toy only requires the baby’s force for pushing, unlike other push toys that require dry cells to operate. However, it produces a thrilling sound once anytime it makes an abrupt stop. Buy it on Amazon

13. Bright Starts Oball Classic

Oballs are considered the ultimate source of fun, especially when the baby is in the backseat of the car. The Oball is put inside a diaper bag where the baby can bounce, roll, and grasp.

The various options of play with this toy keep the baby entertained all along the journey. Bright Starts Oball Classic is a good example of these toys and among the best baby toys of 2019. You can Buy it on Amazon

14. Bathing toys –Muchkin White Hot Duck

The bath-time might be a nightmare for parents. They have to wrestle the babies into the bathtub. However, you can make the baby look forward to bathing by introducing toys in the bathtub.

The toys are modified in such a way that they work effectively in soapy waters. One such toy is the Muchkin White Hot Ducky. The ducky resembles a real duck and floats on water.

It is made of food-grade silicone, which makes it safe for the baby to bite. The silicone is also soft but sturdy, making it safe for the baby’s soft gums and durable, respectively. When the duck is immersed in water, it forms a unique pattern, making it even more attractive. No doubt it’s one of the best newborn toys of 2019. Buy it on Amazon

15. Best Baby Toys –Crawlers toys-Skip Hop Follow-Bee

As the baby learns how to crawl, they become more adventurous. This might be risky since the baby might touch dangerous objects. The most appropriate toy and top best baby toys 2019 is the Skip Hop Follow-Bee.

 It comes in different models and can be modified in terms of speed and size as the baby grows up. There modes for pre-crawling beginner and advanced crawlers.

Besides, it is fitted with musical effects and light to cheer the baby up. The toy is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), which makes it sense and avoid any obstacles on the way. Purchase it on Amazon

Factors to consider when choosing the best baby toys

When choosing a toy for your baby, take into consideration the following factors:

1. Safety:

The safety of the baby should get priority when choosing a toy. Some of the safety features in a toy include:

Sound and lighting:

 A baby’s toy should have a regulated sound and lighting system since it affects their senses. Extremely bright lights can cause eye strain, which could lead to blindness.

On the other hand, loud noise can irritate the baby, making them unsettled. In extreme cases, loud noise can lead to partial or permanent deafness. Therefore, you should consult with a pediatrician to confirm whether the toy emits the right levels of sound and light.

Material used

The material used in a toy can affect its safety. For instance, a doll made using an easily detachable doll would be dangerous since the baby might pluck and insert it in their nose or mouth, hence inducing choking.

On the other hand, if the nuts used to fasten a plastic toy loosen, the child might accidentally swallow them, hence risking their health. In other cases, the paint used on the toys might peel off when it comes into contact with the baby’s drool.

Consequently, this increases the risk of infection in the baby. Therefore, when buying a baby toy, you should ensure that the color used on the toy is permanent.

2. Engagement

Toys should engage babies in all aspects of development. First, the toy should help them to grow mentally. For instance, the toy should challenge the babies to have a sharp focus on small details. Besides, the toy should keep the baby’s body physically active. When a baby stacks cones together, their muscles stretch and contract, making them stronger.

3. Cost

If you are operating on a shoestring budget, buy a toy that fits your financial wellbeing. Contrary to popular opinions, cheap is not always expensive.

Instead of straining to raise money for purchasing a state-of-the-art toy, you can get a second-hand one and still get optimal benefits from the same. When choosing a toy based on its pricing, you should also compare them to the benefits. 

4. Ease of use

When buying a toy for your baby, ensure that it is easy to use. There are several ways of determining if the toy is easy to use. First, the parts should be easy to detach. Second, the toy should not contain complex puzzles since this demotivates the baby. Therefore, when choosing a toy for your baby, ensure that they can understand how to play with them easily.

5. Baby’s preference

The appearance of the toy can either attract or repulse the baby from playing with it. For instance, toys with dull colors are a turn off to babies.

On the other hand, some babies get scared by some toys due to their appearance, which might result in stagnation in mental growth. You should understand your baby’s likes and dislikes before buying the toy.

When choosing a toy for your baby, it is essential to carry out some checks. First, the toy should promote the baby’s general development.

Second, it should be safe for you and the baby. Finally, it should be affordable. The list of toys above fits most of the requirements mentioned above. No wonder they form part of the top toys of 2019

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