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Taking care of a baby is a serious job as is, whether it is in the comforts of our homes or outside. But it is an even more serious job to take our babies along our travels, short ones and not. It requires keeping our babies comfortable during the ride in the car, on the plane, or boat, perhaps. Otherwise, we will add more concerns to ourselves and other passengers, if any, if loud crying noises occur. Fortunately, our lives are made easier today with the best baby travel gear.

best baby travel gear

The best baby travel gear comes in several forms for several functions. For that, we categorize our specific gears into those that are for transport, sleeping, and hygiene. For transport, we have our lightweight strollers, carriers, and car seats for either car or plane rides. Sleeping gears, on the other hand, include lightweight cribs, noise machines, and our trusty nursing pillows. Lastly, we have diaper changing pads, wet/dry bags, and wipes dispenser to keep our hygiene for the entire trip duration.

Traveling can be a bit straining after a long period of being in transportation. However, trips are mostly done because we want to relax or have some fun. But with babies, it will be quite a challenge to achieve mere fun and relaxation. For both, though, we have the best baby travel gear to save us from a lot of potential dilemmas.

Transport Gears

Car Seat

Car seats are definitely a must for every family car with a baby. However, if we plan on bringing our babies on the plane, our typical car seats might be too bulky. Luckily though, there are lightweight convertible car seats that can be purchased now like Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat. The best baby travel gear that is just about nine pounds perfect to bring anywhere, even with our other luggage.

Baby Stroller

Carrying our babies in our arms or in baby carriers might strain our upper body after a long time. That is why we need to bring strollers with us to save us our strength for the whole of our trips. Also, babies need the comfort of being able to lie down while we are strolling through the streets. 

For plane, boat, or train rides, we need lightweight strollers such as 13-pound Summer Infant 3DLite. Otherwise, we can opt for a convertible DOONA 2-in-1 car seat and stroller to save us one item to bring along.

Baby Carrier

A lot of us will probably agree that a baby carrier is the best baby travel gear ever. We can be in the airport bringing our stroller luggage, and we can still have at least a spare hand. We can even be in the mall and browse through hanged clothes without sacrificing holding our babies. In addition, some brands also up their baby carrier models. For example, Tady Ultra Compact Baby Carrier also doubles as a diaper bag.

Sleeping and Nursing Gears

Travel Crib or Playpen

Our babies need their sleep no matter what. Typically, while traveling, it will be a little hard for them to sleep or on us as we hold them. Also, if our travels involve sleeping over at someplace, we might need to co-sleep with our babies on the bed. Fortunately, we have the best baby travel gear in the form of travel cribs, so babies have their own beds. 

One brand that offers this gear is the Baby Bjorn. Their travel crib also doubles as a playpen. It is only about 12 pounds and can be assembled as quickly as ten seconds. Also, it comes in an easy-to-carry case that we can hand carry and place in the plane overhead compartments, perhaps.

White Noise Machine

Often, when we are traveling, we cannot avoid getting into crowded places. For example, we may probably be renting a hotel room by the side of a highway. Or in the boat, our cabins might be across that of obnoxious teenagers. Because of any of this, our babies might not have their desired night slumber. This tells us to bring white noise machines with us to magic all of the sleeping threats. 

There are various brands that offer different styles and designs for white noise machines. But the Marpac Hushh one, in particular, is very travel-friendly. It is compact, portable, and has a clip so we can hang it on the car seat or baby stroller.

Nursing Pillow

This product is essential for every traveling mother. There will be times when our babies will need breastfeeding in particular to sleep. And as traveling is already straining as is, we do not need to add more by uncomfortable breastfeeding. Thus, we need to bring nursing pillows that we can use during a long ride. My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow is a good option to try as it is compact and easy to use.

Hygiene Gears

Diaper Changing Gear

We do not want to travel or walk around with a stinking baby. Also, we do not want to keep the stink, and the poop stuck in our babies’ butts. So, we have to equip ourselves for when we need to change diapers anytime and anywhere. One genius product to use is Snoofy Bee’s diaper changing pad. It keeps our babies’ hands still while we clean them up. Also, we can lay down the pad anywhere, even on the floor, and still keep our babies off the dirt.

Wet/Dry Bag

The tendency is, while traveling, there will not be an immediate disposal for used diapers. Also, we need storage for dirty baby clothes, so we keep them separate from clean ones. This tells us to bring along wet/dry bags for the dirty items we do not want to be cluttered with other stuff. The bags will also help us keep our things organized for the entire travel duration.

Wipe Dispenser

Of course, we want to keep our babies clean and sanitized. We may also have to clean as well the stuff they will be using, like changing tables or restaurant highchairs. For these, thus, we should keep with us sanitizing wipes in convenient dispensers. We do not know which spaces to trust with cleanliness nowadays.

Related Questions

What is the safest way to ride a plane with a baby?

The Federal Aviation Administration does not require children under two years old to get a plane ticket. However, it will mean that the children will have to be on our laps. Ideally, though, we should not keep our babies on our laps during plane rides. This is because we may fail to protect them if there is turbulence or worse than that. We can as the airlines, however, if they will allow us to use an empty seat. If so, we should avoid traveling on busy days to make sure that there will be empty seats.

Furthermore, the American Academy Pediatrics suggests that we use child safety restraints when flying with babies. The restraints should be those that are approved by the FAA, whether they are car seats or plane harnesses. The car seat or harness should also be installed with the airplane’s seat belt. Booster seats are never advised, though.

Is it possible that babies lie down flat during long plane rides?

Some airlines offer different options to accommodate baby passengers, such as bassinets, sleeper sets, or seat extensions. Airline bassinets, often, are attached to the bulkhead wall of the plane, behind the galley or toilet. For premium cabins, the bassinets may be built into the seat compartments in bulkhead rows. Moreover, babies that are under six months or 20 pounds are typically what can be accommodated with bassinets.

The sleeper set, on the other hand, can be enjoyed by booking three seats in a row. If the airline permits, they will provide locking seat extensions to create a room enough for mom and baby. Lastly, the inflatable seat extensions are relatively newer products, so some airlines might not permit them. Thus, we will have to ask the airlines if they will allow us to bring our inflatables beforehand. Otherwise, we should just ask ahead what options they allow for our babies. Generally, though, we need to secure our babies in car seats or on our laps during takeoff and landing.

How do we deal with potential ear pain in our babies during flights?

The pressure changes during the takeoff or landing can cause anyone discomfort in the ears. And as our babies are more delicate and sensitive, the pain is probably double than ours, grow-ups. It may cause severe ear infection to babies that may last for weeks or may end up for surgery. Thus, ideally, we should consult first with our baby doctor. If permitted, we may be advised to feed babies during the takeoff and landing to help ease the discomfort. We can breastfeed, hand down a milk bottle, or have them suck on a pacifier.

Moreover, in case our babies have caught a cold or ear infection, we may administer a dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Of course, we should ask our pediatricians about this first and for the right amount of doses.

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