Best Baby Utensils Set

It will not be too long when our babies will need their first solid foods introduction. At this point, we will have to start buying baby foods like purees, which are to be spoon-fed to them. First, we will have to administer the feeding ourselves to serve as an example and to minimize the mess. However, time will come when babies need to be on their own, which can actually be quite messy. But with the best baby utensils set, we can proactively minimize all that potentially needs cleaning up.

best baby utensils set

However, the best baby utensils set should accommodate not only our concerns for mess and cleaning. It should as well address our concerns for our babies’ exposure to harmful chemicals. But over anything else, the utensils should provide good trainer qualities for our developing babies. These are a couple of utensils set that best qualify:

1. Miniware Sip and Snack Utensils Set

2. BABYBJORN Baby Dinner Set

3. PandaEar Divided Unbreakable Silicone Baby Utensils Set

4. Dr. Brown’s Travel Bowl and Spoon 

5. Bobo&Boo Bamboo 5-Piece Dinnerware

6. OXO Tot Training Spoon and Fork 

7. Munchkin 4 Count Raise Toddler Spoon and Fork 

8. Lullababy Baby Spoons and Forks Set

Sure, we can use our regular utensils in baby feeding. But remember that babies have different needs than most of us. Their lips are tender and might get hurt by the regular thin metal spoon and fork, for instance. Also, they tend to flare their arms around every time, which can cause utensils to keep flying out. Therefore, we need to obtain the best baby utensils set that are tailored to suit their specific needs. Not only will it benefit our babies, but also us with relief and minimized labor.

Miniware Sip and Snack Utensils Set

Miniware came up with the best baby utensils set that consists of cereal bowl, cup, and teething spoon. The bowl, in particular, is made of natural bamboo, so it is eco-friendly. It also comes with a detachable suction foot that has an airtight seal. This will provide stability and prevent occasions involving major food spills. The cup and the teething spoon as well are eco-friendly as they are biodegradable and totally free of plastic. Aside from plastic, they are also free of BPA, BPS, PVC, and phthalates. Also, they are dishwasher safe and are easy to stack and store.

Moreover, this Miniware Sip and Snack is probably the best baby utensils set aesthetically speaking. They are in a modern, sleek design to match babies of both genders.

BABYBJORN Baby Dinner Set

This BABYBJORN set is also perhaps the best baby utensils set there is for dinner, as the name suggests. It consists of a comfortable bib with a deep spill pocket to remedy the usually messy baby meal. Also, there are spoon and fork that are designed for easy grip for baby hands. They also have a ring on the handles to keep babies’ hands from slipping too far down. Additionally, they come with a groove that keeps them from sliding into the plate. Then, the set also has a stable cup with a base that makes it hard to tip over. And lastly, there is a plate that is tailored so that it is easy to scoop food from it with the spoon.

PandaEar Divided Unbreakable Silicone Baby Utensils Set

The highlights of this set are the brightly-colored 3 plates with 3 sections for 3 kinds of dinner food. The sections are bound to allow clean and independent baby meal times. Also, the plates are in a non-slip design that will prevent them from getting thrown to the floor. The silicone material also allows them to be thrown without breaking.

This set comes with a pair of spoon and fork that are, as the plates, dishwasher safe. They can withstand high heat that makes them suitable even for microwaves. Alternatively, they can also withstand the freezer as well. Generally, this set is free of BPA and is certified by the FDA and the LFGB. 

Dr. Brown’s Travel Bowl and Spoon 

As the name suggests, this set is perfect for on-the-go baby meals. It consists of a bowl that has 2 compartments so that we can bring two different foods at a time. It also has a snap-in spoon that is soft-tipped for tender little mouths. On the whole, this set is a dishwasher top rack safe, sterilizer safe, and is significantly free of BPA.

Bobo&Boo Bamboo 5-Piece Dinnerware

The best thing about these utensils set is that it consists of several unique pieces compared to other sets. This includes a bowl, plate, spoon, fork, and cup. It is also a plus that these utensils are made of sustainable bamboo and are free of toxins. And aesthetically, they look very pleasing with timeless designs and beautiful colors such as mint green.

OXO Tot Training Spoon and Fork 

This set of spoon and fork by OXO Tot is made with handles that are specially tailored for little hands. These handles are soft and non-slip so that babies will have a nice firm grip on it. Also, the handles are curved so that the utensils do not slip and dive into the bowl of baby food. The tips, on one hand, are made up of stainless steel for that guaranteed durability.

The spoon, in particular, is shaped to scoop either solids or liquids. Alternatively, the fork has very effective tines, yet it does not have sharp edges. And significantly, we do not have to worry that our babies are to have harmful chemical exposures. We can be at ease that these utensils are free of BPA, phthalate, and PVC.

Munchkin 4 Count Raise Toddler Spoon and Fork


This set, as the name suggests, is composed of four pieces of utensils, which are all spoons and forks. They are ergonomically designed to fit tiny baby hands, and so babies will find it easier to pick up food. Also, the base of the utensils makes them safe from germs in case they slip and fall to the floor. This saves us as well from getting anxious that they may fall and getting replacements in case they do.

In line with staying clean and germ-free, this set is safe in the dishwasher’s top rack. Other than that, it is also free of BPA, so we would not have to worry about its exposure to babies. Lastly, these utensils are advisable for babies that are 12 months old and older.

Lullababy Baby Spoons and Forks Set

This Lullababy set is the best baby utensils set for traveling as they come with a travel utensils case. We can then just throw in, for our convenience, the case into the diaper bag when we travel. However, the set is only composed of a training spoon and fork that are easy to grip for babies’ self-feeding. They are made with rounded design with soft tips, and thus, no sharp pointy tads.

The material of these utensils set is FDA-approved and guaranteed safe from harmful chemicals. Specifically, they are free of latex, lead, BPA, and phthalates. Also, the material is soft, yet dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Related Questions

How do we get our babies to eat a good amount of food?

The thing is, our goal should not be about having our babies eat a certain amount of food. Rather, it should be about introducing the process to our babies while they participate naturally. It means that we have to let them watch the spoon approaching their mouths. When we do this, however, we should not automatically get the spoon in. Instead, we have to wait until their mouths open to place the food in. Once in, we should avoid using their upper lips or gums to scrape off the food from the spoon. We are all about the natural way of feeding here.

Moreover, once we observe that our babies lose interest in the food, it is our cue to stop feeding. We should not try to force them to finish all the food. What we should aim for is for our babies to eat when hungry and stop when they are full. There are no ill effects anyway if they eat less than a full food serving.

How do we assist babies that are on the self-feeding stage?

Usually, babies start with self-feeding around their eight to twelfth months. First, they start picking up food using their entire hands. In a while, they start to use their thumb in opposition from their other fingers. Then, they develop their pincer grasp using their forefinger and thumb.

The best assistance we could offer to self-feeding babies is our attention. We need to watch them closely as they have the tendency to gag occasionally. This happens when the food touches the part at the back of their mouths. Sometimes, it is the gagging that turns into choking. Other times, the choking occurs without the gag. Multiple gagging times during feeding may mean that babies are not developmentally ready yet for solid food. This should best be consulted by the doctor.

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